Amscot – Making lives better through financial solutions.

It all began in 1986 when Ian MacKechnie moved his family from Scotland to America and settled in Tampa, Florida. Carrying on the bakery business which he grew up in, Ian noticed that on Fridays many of his employees had to wait in long lines at convenience stores in order to cash their payroll checks.

He thought there had to be a better way. Within three years Amscot, the combination of the words America and Scotland, was born.  It was a nod to the old country and a tribute to the new.  

The first Amscot location opened at 4808 East Broadway, Tampa in 1989. Today, Amscot is Florida’s leading non-bank financial services company, operating locations all over Florida and processing over 31 million customer transactions a year totaling over $8 billion. From check cashing and cash advance services to free money orders and wire transfers, Amscot offers a wide range of financial services at some of the most competitive rates in the financial services industry. We are also open evenings and weekends, seven days a week.  Some locations are open 24 hours. 

Although Amscot has grown and evolved since its inception, the focus has never changed. We continue to make life better for our customers through financial solutions. Our staff is professional and friendly, working hard to ensure that you have a positive customer experience every visit.

Forbes Magazine named Amscot Financial one of America’s Best Midsize Employers for 2017. 
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Mission Statement

To make lives better through financial solutions.

In everything we do, we will always follow our four core values:

  1. Integrity 
  2. Energy 
  3. Intelligence 
  4. Ability to Make It Happen